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As I survey the landscape today, I’m struck at just how important of a crossroads we are at in so many areas of life. The “Great Reset” is now fully engaged. In the introduction of my book, “I Came to Give” I wrote the following:

“Over the next decade, this Reset will alter the very DNA of every system that manages the interaction of human beings within the seven spheres of cultural influence. Together, these spheres shape the destiny of nations and their citizens. They are education, business, government, media, arts, religion, and family.

Each of these spheres has a network of practical, real-world systems that coordinate the flow of information and value exchange within and between them. As we proceed through the Great Reset, these systems will all be re-engineered on a scale and at a speed not witnessed before in human history.”

Those words were written in the early fall of 2020. It was pretty evident then that the world was rapidly changing. The underlying cause of that change was not necessarily all that clear. As was mentioned in the last article, “Inertia Has Been Broken,” a major reason we see the change that we are is due to the clash between the “public” and the “elites.”

As I’ve considered this reality over the last several weeks, it has become evident that we, the citizens of the world, have before us a fundamental choice to make that will have generational consequences. The choice is where we want to invest our energy in order to set the direction of what is certain to create a new “societal inertia.”  

Choice #1: Burn it Down

Presently, there is a growing trend toward the organic organization of people in the “public” to “take on” the elites and expose their vulnerabilities, flaws, and in the end, undermine their authority. Taken to the extreme, this choice will lead to more than de-legitimizing the authority of the elites. It will “burn down” the elite’s existing governing and financial systems.

The problem is that the “public” only offers vague notions of what they propose to replace the systems they are burning down with. Furthermore, they have no authority or organization to build those vaguely defined systems.  This strategy is destined to fail to achieve the very goals they wish to achieve. Anarchy has never proven to be a valid governing system. It is in fact, no governing system at all. Satan himself learned just prior to the flood that God will not tolerate anarchy.

So I ask the question:

Will the “public’s” strategy of burning down the world’s systems help our local communities to thrive?

Many believe that the revolt of the public is necessary to create awareness among the citizens of the world of the depth of corruption and fragility of the elite's systems. When taking this position, one must consider two very important issues.

First of all, what is the threshold of critical mass a movement must reach before a change occurs? It is relatively widely accepted that when between 20 and 25% of people actively promote a new way of achieving something, the rest of society follows. That’s important because it is a much lower number than most people in democratic societies believe it is.

The second issue is even more important because it addresses the direction the critical mass of people are moving when they reach the tipping point of affecting social behavior. According to “Revolt of the Public,” there is growing inertia behind the movement to burn down the elite’s systems. Should they reach critical mass, what should we expect? A sudden realization that they have “won” and a shift to building new systems?

That view is naïve because it ignores the historical reality of the mass behavior of crowds. What is much more likely is mass chaos on a global scale as more and more of the "public" decides that burning systems down is a good idea. Governments would topple. Financial systems would collapse. And to top it off, there would be no legitimate authority structures in place to pick up the pieces.

I don’t know about you, but that isn’t a world I want my family to live in.

Choice #2: Build it Up

Imagine if the tens of millions of dollars thrown at GameStop stock in an attempt to burn down some hedge funds was instead put toward building a new way to exchange value within our communities. One that lived alongside the existing system. One that created choice in the financial world.

And it’s not just about the money invested.

Imagine if the hundreds of thousands of people who “invested” their money in GameStop stock also invested their God-given talents and their time into building Equity in their families and communities as a foundation to support that new system.

Which investment would pay larger and longer-term dividends?

I think the answer is obvious. That is why we at Thrive 21 are Equity Builders, Resiliency Builders, and Economy Builders.

The key word is “builders.”

Our purpose is to create a world where inertia is moving in the direction of building. Therefore, when a critical mass of citizens in a community, nation, or even the world, reaches a tipping point, it is one where exponential building takes off, not exponential burning.

If you are interested in creating inertia behind a future like this for you and your family, I invite you to join us and share this article with others who want to do the same. We may be just beginning, but inertia is beginning to “build.”

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