Micro-Deposits Will Change the World

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The image that popped into the minds of more than a few people who read the headline to this article could have easily have been one of a person paying someone online a tiny amount of cryptocurrency through some browser or phone app. After all, the prospect of making “micro-payments” is one of the holy grails of the crypto world. Tens of millions of dollars (maybe hundreds of millions) are being invested in creating an ecosystem where you can, for instance, read an article like this one, click on an icon on your browser, and walla! You just paid the author the equivalent of 25 cents worth of some cryptocurrency.

As someone who has followed and studied the crypto world for several years, the idea that creators of value can be compensated in this way is pretty exciting. After all, creating a decentralized and direct peer-to-peer exchange of value is one of our major goals. With that said, this type of micro-payment, should it come to be adopted on a global scale, is not what will ultimately change the world in the coming century. However, micro-deposits will. Let me explain the difference.

Consider the fact that every interaction we have with God contains an offer of value exchange. In every encounter, He wants to build our Equity (emotional, physical, and Spiritual well-being). While God requires nothing in return, He is certainly pleased if we choose to accept His offer and at least demonstrate gratitude in exchange. Because we are made in God's image and through that image perform His functions on earth, it makes sense that He wants our relationships with others to be founded on that same dynamic. In fact, Scripture tells us that we are given the opportunity every day to “be” the hands and feet of Jesus.

So what does that have to do with micro-deposits?

Every day when you and I interact with other human beings, there is an unspoken and non-monetary value exchange. These real-world “trades” happen billions of times every day around the world without us even thinking about it. Because we have been so conditioned to measure value in monetary terms, most of us have lost the ability to "see" the flow of value in something as simple as a word of encouragement. Or a smile. Or an act as seemingly insignificant as how we treat other drivers on the road.

Yet each interaction we have with our fellow human beings is an opportunity to intentionally make a micro-deposit into their Equity account and not a micro-withdrawal.

Please stop and think about that for a moment. Our words and actions create either blessing or curse. They make deposits or withdrawals of Equity in doses large and small. That is why at Project Thrive 21, we help people see these trades and their impact on the lives of real human beings, made in the image of God. When the economy of the Kingdom of God expands to include and prioritize making these micro-deposits, it will transform the world in ways we can't yet imagine.  

And guess what? We don’t need a phone or browser app to make these deposits. Nor do we have to succumb to a scarcity mindset and worry about how our Equity balance will be replenished. If the person in whom we make the deposit gives us nothing in return (no “thank you,” no returned smile, no acknowledgment of an act of kindness), that’s okay. Because on this trading floor there is always a Third Party present. One with an abundant, indeed a limitless, supply of Equity to share with us. In fact, He always tops off our account with more than what we gave away.

Over the coming decades, micro-deposits of Equity are going to change the world - if we get our mind wrapped around the critical role they play in God’s economy and start making it a point to engage in a lot more of these “trades.”  

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