The World is Changing in Profound Ways

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We are living in and through a very profound time in human history. As is often the case, it's not always easy for those living through it to see it as it's happening. Individual lives can change very little until suddenly, one day we look back, and it's obvious that major changes have occurred. When examined within a broader historical context, only years later is the true depth and breadth of the changes fully realized.

We're going to be different. You and I will "see" this change and appreciate it as it is happening - because it is indeed a "Great Reset."

Last week I read an article entitled "Here's Why America's Labor Shortage Will Drive Inflation Higher." However, it wasn't the main thrust of the article (as described by the title) that got my attention. It was the observations the author made regarding "why" the labor force is changing that did.

The writer rightfully concludes that the economic lockdowns due to COVID have created a major shift in the global workforce. Boomers are waking up to some unpleasant realities. Until the lockdowns, Boomers were content to work well into their 60s and 70s. Now, they are saying "enough" and are retiring in large numbers. From the article... "Why have they left? They're fed up with their line of work, they don't like the way their industry has transmogrified, they're burned out from being "sandwiched" between caring for very elderly parents (80 and older) and supporting their children or grandchildren..."

Yet here is the most important observation in the entire article:

"The pandemic lockdown provided tens of millions of workers with an epiphany about their lives, careers, values and aspirations. This reckoning has overturned many of the assumptions being made about the Gen-X and Millennial workforce... what we see is unprecedented turnover as over 4 million workers are quitting their jobs every month. The reasons are varied--burnout from insane workloads, rage-quitting over intolerable working conditions, absurd demands from Corporate HQ and having had enough of being cussed out by customers, and seeking better opportunities elsewhere -- but the bottom line is work in America is undergoing a revolution few want to recognize because it's changing the terms of the exploitation the status quo holds so dear." (emphasis mine)

That last statement holds a major key to the unfolding transformation of the world's workforce within God's "Great Reset." Recall the following observation made by a blogger about Millennials' attitudes about work as quoted in chapter 27 of my book:

"We’ve seen our parents chase the so-called ‘American Dream’ of homeownership, 2 cars, 2 kids, and a perfectly groomed dog ready for the Saturday dinner party with the Jones’s. For some reason, this doesn’t seem to give our parents any meaning and as a generation, we’ve learned to question everything… Unless you can help show us how the work we do will give our life meaning, we’ll quickly become disengaged, take the pay cheque and then find a way to quit so we can do work that has meaning.”

Today, Boomers are beginning to join their Millennial children and Gen Z grandchildren in seeing the flaws and extractive nature of Neo-Darwinian capitalism. The writer of the original article I mentioned above concludes with the following statement:

"...great swaths of the American workforce are already on strike or slipping away from the dead-end treadmill. The terms of employment will have to change dramatically [in the years ahead]..."

People across all generations are awakening to the vanity of running on a treadmill to make stuff and to buy stuff -- all so that the wealthy can extract their labor and their earnings to get wealthier. These people are beginning to realize the value in their friends and family. The value of living a life of meaning. The value of building Equity in their neighbors and their community.

In short, they are seeing the value of living the abundant life that Jesus came to give.

As this "great awakening" spreads throughout the world in the coming years, what we are building together will be greatly needed. Please be encouraged. We're not too late. In fact, we're right on time. Let's stay the course.

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