We are Defining a New Century

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Amidst all of the uncertainty in the world today, there is an understandable tendency to fall into fear. After all, we see significant political, economic, and cultural conflict occurring simultaneously in nations around the world.


With so many nations and governments and cultures involved, it can lead one to believe that the answer to that question is complex. However, when there are so many variables involved, yet the outcome is the same, it actually means the root cause is relatively simple. This is where principle-based thinking can help.

Those who understand that there is a universal set of “principles” that apply equally to people groups within every culture and who live in every time period are those equipped to identify the root of the problem. What is interesting about the times we live in is that the majority of people in the world today do not believe these principles exist. And therein lies both the problem and the solution.

In his book The Revolt of the Public and the Crisis of Authority in the New Millennium, Martin Gurri asserts that “We are caught between an old world which is decreasingly able to sustain us intellectually and spiritually, maybe even materially, and a new world that has not yet been born.” Here at Project Thrive 21, we concur.

Gurri’s conclusion is that we now live in a world beset by nihilism – a belief that traditional values and beliefs in objective truth are senseless, and that the social and governmental organizations based on them are so bad that destroying them is justified even though no legitimate replacement has been conceived and offered. Those who have read I Came to Give know that a major reason for this nihilism is that the world’s means of assigning and exchanging value were designed to produce human beings focused on themselves. The documentary, The Century of the Self, documented how for over a century, our system of Neo-Darwinian capitalism normalized that perspective.

That materialistic and unsatisfying way of life is being undone as the Great Reset begins to unfold. The question then becomes, “What will fill the void?”  Left to its own devices, nihilism and a complete breakdown in trust of our media, government leaders, and economic systems will lead to chaos. And to some degree, that is now unavoidable. We’ve simply traveled too far down the road.

The Century of the Selfless

Within turmoil and uncertainty, people will look for answers. As desirable as it may seem to many to “burn down the system,” the resulting lifestyle is not one they will want to remain in for long. And that is where the opportunity lies. In the end, the majority of the up and coming Millennial and Generation Z young adults are searching for a life with meaning. And there is no better place to start than by turning our back on The Century of the Self and embracing The Century of the Selfless.  

As nihilism produces its natural fruit, it will create a major shift in the coming years to a focus on helping rebuild the emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being of families and communities caught in its wake. Building this “Equity” will soon become a major “growth industry.” Project Thrive 21 is dedicated to creating a relational and economic infrastructure to support this emerging industry and to speed the process of the transition to the Century of the Selfless. It’s there for the taking if we are willing to take the radical, yet rewarding steps necessary to see it come to life.

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