The answer to that question begins in Genesis 1. It is there where we learn that you and I were created to join God in a Grand Building Project. One where we were instructed to work together with our fellow human beings to cultivate the abundance of Creation to build a Kingdom.

Long ago, we lost touch with that simple reality. As we slept, the enemy came into our gardens and sowed tares among the wheat. Tares of generational curses. Tares of complexity and traditions. Tares of control and competition. Tares of selfishness and greed. Tares of scarcity and fear.

These tares have now become the principles upon which the economic systems of the world are built. What's worse, God's people have grown to accept them as normal - to the great harm of the human race and the Creation they were given to steward. Now, we are told by the kings of the earth that we are on the cusp of their "Great Reset."

They are wrong.

"I Came to Give" is a journey through scripture and history that shows how this all came to be. It also reveals the once-in-a-century opportunity right before us. To partner with God to restore His principles to systems, including but not limited to economics, which will build His Kingdom on a scale we can hardly imagine. In short, to reject the narrative of "The Great Reset" and embrace God's "Great Restoration."

The story that is outlined in this book is one that you cannot write yourself out of.

However, you can write your part in it as it unfolds. The choice is yours. 

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What they are saying about "I Came to Give"...

Doug bit off a significant task when he began to weave together a threefold cord in this book. Firstly, he deals with God’s unfolding plan for humanity through His ekklesia (church); secondly, he raises the challenges facing us globally due to severely misguided economic policy; and thirdly, he begins to address the perilous social context we find ourselves within. I love the spirit of the book and the hard work invested in it. It is based on many teaching lessons and makes unclear economic concepts clear and available to the point of usable application.
By Dennis Peacocke, Founder of the Statesmen Project
This book awakens us to the realization that a reformation is about to take place in global economics. It releases faith that we all have a seat at the table in shaping what emerges. It inspires us to fresh repentance and to dream with God about designing systems that will enable creating, stewarding, and releasing abundance on a scale that will radically advance the Kingdom of God. Millennials and Generation Z are waiting for you and I to join them in re-defining the economic realm!
By Dave Harvey, Director of the Bethel Leaders Network
"In my 47+ years of reading I’ve not read anything like what Doug has done - trace historically and parallel biblically thoughts on money, economics, biblical systems, and imaging. I have accepted without thought the systems that have woven their way into culture. Sill, wondering how we got here and how something so enormous could ever be fixed. Well done."
By Kenn Gill, Director of The Ripple Center, Calgary
In short, I Came to Give is an anointed masterpiece. It is well researched, scripturally sound, well-articulated, challenging, and inspiring. I'm filled with faith over the invitation and opportunity that lies before us in the midst of God's Great Restoration.
By Shae Bynes, Co-Founder of Kingdom Driven Entrepreneur
This book is a well-researched and excellent resource on the topic of finance. The reader is provided with a clear understanding of God’s design of stewarding this world’s resources and how Satan has thwarted God’s intent throughout the ages. Realistic answers to our current state round out the book.
By Bill Zwartbol - Lead Pastor, Free Grace Fellowship, Alberta, Canada

About the Author

Doug Tjaden was born and raised in rural southwest Nebraska. While his roots are grounded in farming, he has been blessed to have led an incredibly diverse life. He is a private pilot and has earned a black belt in martial arts. He owned a small tech company before serving ten years as a pastor of a small fellowship. He's also served on the board of directors of a small business and a small non-profit. 

The operative word here is "small."

History is clear. During times of uncertainty, decision making moves away from centralized governments and organizations and to leaders in local communities. In other words, in today's world "small is the new big." Leaders and citizens in local communities are being empowered like never before. For the first time in decades, if not centuries, they have an opportunity to embrace innovative new systems that will unleash the abundant life that Jesus came to give all of mankind. As a member of the Executive Committee of The Statesmen Project and Founder of Project Thrive 21, Doug is committed to helping them succeed.