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The body of Christ is suffering from an economic worldview crisis of historic proportions. It has embraced economic and monetary systems that are on the brink of collapse because they are designed according to the basic principles of the world. The systems that replace them will impact every person on the planet for generations. Devoid of a viable alternative, church leaders have left the world with a choice between the kings of the earth’s self-proclaimed “Great Reset” and embracing a new version of man’s failed systems.

That’s not the answer the world needs, nor is it God’s kind intention for humanity.

Doug Tjaden's sequel to "I Came to Give" offers a road map for how the ekklesia can restore a biblical economic worldview based on God’s principles and ways, and a practical way to live it out. It won’t be easy. The traditions of men that have captured the church worldwide make God’s ways seem – radical. Yet radical is exactly what we should expect as God overrules man’s “Great Reset” with a Great Restoration of His own.