You are invited to go on a journey!

You and I have the power of God and the guidance of the Holy Spirit behind us. We have the blood of the King of Kings empowering us. Yet the reality is, for thousands of years, God's people have struggled to establish a means to generate the resources required to advance His Kingdom on earth. The chaos unfolding around the world is undeniable evidence of that reality. Again, one must ask...


I invite you to go on a journey to discover the answer to that simple question. Because the struggle is real, and it directly impacts you and your family every single day of your life. "I Came to Give" begins the journey of uncovering the answer to that question and putting you on a path to live the abundant life that Jesus wants for all of mankind. But it is only the first step. The second is...

The 21 Day Reset.

Once you have finished the book, we give you the opportunity to go on a 21 day period of reflection. It is a series of brief audio messages that each day will help you take the paradigm shift you encounter in the book, and "see it" begin to become reality in your own life.

Here are comments from a few who have gone through the Reset.

"I Came to Give" and the "21 Day Reset" has been a paradigm-shifting jolt of hope and promise and revelation regarding God's idea of the Great Reset, the world's idea of the Great Reset, and my own personal need for a reset. It is challenging, inspiring, and full of freshness and life. What Doug obediently spells out, would be overwhelming and intimidating, but for the fact that it rings true to God's heart and His desire for our nation and the whole earth, as He intended from the beginning. Doug has made this important message and follow-up available, but don't take it lightly! Once you've read this book, you cannot "un-know" it!" Carole H.

"The book got me thinking about the concept of being "God's imager," and I realize that I spend too much energy concentrating on "doing" rather than "being." The 21 Day Reset has expanded my thinking about trading. I am aware of trying to build Equity and value in God's kingdom rather than just trying to make money." Joel F.

"After reading the book and going through the Reset, it is clear that choosing cooperation over competition is the only logical course of action. The goal is more of Christ and less of me. What could be a better way of achieving this goal than to actively participate in the seeking His Kingdom FIRST. I find that after only one day of choosing cooperation, my sleep is much more restful and my day is more productive and peace filled." Richard F.

"I am not (remotely) from a finance or monetary background, however, I found this book and the 21 Day Reset extremely interesting and informative giving me tools and a framework to at least begin to understand what the future of our planet may look like - there is (great) hope!" Melanie A.

Next... It's time to "cross the Jordan."

Some are so deeply impacted by the message and promise of the book and the 21 Day Reset that they are compelled by the Holy Spirit to go further. "Crossing the Jordan" is a series that begins by helping ensure that God is calling them to engage at this deep of a level. It then provides practical tools to establish a "base camp" from which to operate.

Project Thrive 21 is the non-profit organization that is equipped to see them through to the end of the journey. We join together to implement an entirely new way of creating and exchanging value in the Kingdom of God that will empower the people in their communities and nations to live the abundant life that Jesus came to give.

Curious what this is all about?

Here is a preview of the entire book. Have a look and see why the people above are so excited!

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